WTO farm talks resume this week


Negotiations relating to the Doha Round focusing mainly on agriculture export competition are scheduled to commence this week in Geneva amidst little progress in ongoing meetings on non-agricultural market access (NAMA).
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The UK economy and globalisation


Macro-economic policy is not something that usually excites me. Though I write about globalisation I am personally more interested in the dynamics of work flowing across borders and people migrating more easily towards work, and especially in the way that my industry – IT – enables and contributes to this change. This concept of a network society is fascinating and truly exciting, it’s something that our industry is enabling for every other possible industry and something we should be proud of.
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Russia Initiates Anti-dumping Investigation Against Polyamide Technical Fibers


This week, the Ministry for Economic Development announced the beginning of the anti-dumping investigation with respect to polyamide technical fibers made in Ukraine, which are used in tire production. The introduction of restrictions will affect primarily 'Chernigov Chemical Fibers' Company owned by Alexander Yaroslavskiy, which accounts for 60% of PA fiber exports. Experts do not exclude that the company may drop the plans of the IPO to be conducted in 2008.Collapse )

Applying VAT on international trade


International trade in services has expanded rapidly as a result of globalisation, aided significantly by the revolution in communication technology. This expansion has coincided with the global spread of Value Added Tax (VAT), with some 140 countries now using such a tax as their primary or only consumption tax. VAT systems are designed to tax final consumption and therefore the intent is to tax consumers who actually consume goods and services.
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